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Brian & Pat McConnell


My Son Shuttle Service is a small full service family owned Transportation Company based in Ridgeway, Wisconsin; offering different vehicles and services designed to meet your particular needs and desires.


Why we’re Different: When you hire us, we're available to provide all of your transportation needs. Unlike hotel shuttles, we're not limited to just one hotel along with all the other hotel guests. We're there for you and your group/wedding party. We'll take you wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. Whether you live in our community or staying for a short period of time, we likewise want you to have a memorable, convenient, and hassle-free visit and its starts with reliable airport transfer services, secure charter bus and sedan rentals and more that go beyond plain transportation.


“Caring for Each Passenger Like Family” is how we do business. Through our resources and commitment to outstanding personalized attentive customer service we believe we can offer a great cost effective transportation experience; leaving each passenger feeling special, with a lasting impression of great service. Our goal is to become your transportation resource of choice.


We give attentive care in regard to curbs, stairs, exiting and entering our vehicles and your origin and destination points; helping you with luggage, etc. We give special attentive care to seniors/Geriatrics.


Allow us to show you true excellence in transport services through dedicated service-oriented solutions. Call (608) 852-1999 or email reservations@mysonshuttle.com for reservations on our charter bus and sedan rentals, and airport transfers and more in Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, Dubuque, and Chicago today.


Pat and Brian enjoy their lives in the beauty of Southwestern Wisconsin, and desire to make it more accessible for others to enjoy. They also promote family time and want to help make yours as enjoyable as possible. They are concerned about providing transportation resources to the community surrounding them and are members of the Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Area Chamber of Commerce.

Our Story

Brian with Phyllis


You may wonder where we came up with the name “My Son Shuttle Service.” There is a friend of Brian’s Mother that has become a friend of Brian & Pat’s. Her name is Phyllis.


Brian had done numerous odd jobs for Phyllis, like cleaning her carpet and taking her to doctor appointments and shopping, etc. Phyllis began to say “it would really be neat if you opened a business and called it My Son Shuttle Service. That way, people could say ‘My Son took me here’, and ‘My Son took me there.’” Phyllis continued to push this idea until it finally sunk in to Brian’s head. He took all the thoughts he had been having about this and wrote the business plan for My Son Shuttle Service.


Brian decided that he wanted to care for his passengers just like he would his own mother and/or family. Therefore, My Son Shuttle Service is now operating with the motto: “Caring for Each Passenger Like Family,” and the goal of leaving each passenger feeling special with a lasting impression of great customer service. We want to become your transportation resource of choice.


We would also like to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions about our charter bus and sedan rentals, airport transportation, and our other services in Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, Dubuque, or Rockford, contact us through Brian@mysonshuttle.com. We look forward to and would appreciate your feedback.



“I had an excellence experience with My Son Shuttle Service. Brian was so professional and generous. This service was also very cost-effective; I really recommend his services to anyone that needs transportation within 50 miles radios of Zip Code 53582; also to and from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Dubuque, or Rockford airports.”
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Brian McConnell
Operation Director


Patricia “Pat” McConnell
Office Manager


Holly McConnell
Latino Communications Specialist
Operations Assistant


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